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Did You Tape That?

The Place to Exchange Your Tapes and Earn Karmic Brownie Points in Heaven

Los Angeles
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Hiya, This community was created in response to a need for tapes or DVDs of missed shows. It all started because I missed an episode of Oprah's Christmas special where she went to South Africa.

This community is all about gifting and trading in a generous way -- please do not mention money in your posts or responses. Feel free to post a request for a tape of something you may have missed and then you can work it out with anyone who responds. You can exchange a brand spanking shiny and new, super high quality tape, in exchange for a tape of something you really want, that someone else happened to catch, or you can send a blank tape or DVD with a SASE so that someone kind can make a dupe for you, whatever works. We'll see as we go.

Since there are various copywrite laws at work around the taping and exchange of said tapes let it be said that none of this is for profit in any way and that we don't endorse illegal duplication of any kind, that said have at it, but be fair and generous in your trading.