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Six Feet Under

I *LUV* *LUV* *LUV* this show -
but couldn't afford cable this year.

My plea to the public???
Did anybody out there tape the most current season????

If so, wanna do a trade, a barter, or a real nice favor?

I would so love to see it now, as opposed
to waiting god-knows how long.

I promise to send them right back to you, too.
Give me a weekend. That's all I need. Scouts honor.

This is also true for the last season of Sopranos.

Thanks so much!
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I have the 4th season of Six Feet Under on disc. if you can play mpegs and avis on your computer, it'd work. I also have the 5th season of Sopranos as the same format. I'd have to buy discs to make y'copies though and I'm very broke, so I'd hafta do one series at a time, and not for a couple weeks. let me know whatcha could do for trade if you're interested though, and which series you'd like first. I'd love t'help y'out. I'm a huge fan of both shows, I know how awful it must feel t'be out of the loop with them.